About Steve Boyes

Steve Boyes is a Fellow of the National Geographic Society and a 2013 National Geographic Emerging Explorer for his work in the Okavango Delta and on the Cape Parrot Project. He has dedicated his life to conserving Africa’s wilderness areas and the species that depend upon them. After having worked as a camp manager and wilderness guide in the Okavango Delta and doing his PhD field work on the little-known Meyer’s Parrot, Steve took up a position as a Centre of Excellence Postdoctoral Fellow at the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology. In 2019 Steve and the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project won the Rolex Explorer of the year

Top 25 birds of the week: Diet

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Top 25 birds of the week: Diet Having an understanding of what birds eat is important when it comes to having an overall idea of their preferred diets. Every bird has a different dietary preference, and if the preferences are known for different birds then this can be used to your advantage when birding or

Top 25 birds of the week: Camouflage

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Top 25 birds of the week: Camouflage Birds make use of plumage colouration and behaviour to conceal themselves from potential predators or prey, this is known as camouflage. In some species, plumage colour will match the surrounding environment, while patterns such as countershading reduce the shadow on the bird's underside making it less visible. Thank

Top 25 birds of the week: June 2020

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Thank you to all the photographers that submitted photos of birds with the theme #June_2020. These pictures create awareness about the variety and beauty of birds in our environment. Here we present the Top 25 photographs of birds of the week. Yellow-eyed Babbler at the Aravali Biodiversity Park, Gurgaon, Haryana (Amit Sharma)  

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