Top 25 birds of the week: Bird Biodiversity!

Thank you to all the photographers that submitted photos of birds with the theme #Bird_Biodiversity. Your pictures can create awareness about the variety and beauty of birds in our environment. Here we present the Top 25 photographs of birds of the week. Enjoy!


Zitting Cisticola photographed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India (Momita Bhattacharya)


The Ashy-crowned Sparrow-lark is a small sparrow-sized member of the lark family. It is found in the plains in open land with bare ground, grass and scrub across South Asia (Reitesh-Khabia)


The Black-capped Kingfisher is a tree kingfisher which is widely distributed in tropical Asia from India east to China, Korea and Southeast Asia (Piyali Rakshit)


Blue-capped Rockthrush photographed in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India (Gargi Biswas)


Brown-winged Kingfisher is found along the north and eastern coasts of the Bay of Bengal, occurring in the countries of Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, Myanmar and Thailand. Photographed at the Sundarban Biosphere, West Bengal, India (Momita-Bhattacharya)


The Chestnut-bellied Rock Thrush is found in the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, eastwards towards parts of Southeast Asia. Photographed in Sattal, Uttarakhand, India (PS Bhandari)j


the Grey-flanked Cinclodes is found in Chile, adjacent western Argentina and Tierra del Fuego. Its natural habitats are subtropical or tropical dry shrubland and subtropical or tropical high-altitude shrubland. Photographed in Chile (George of Aninat Tower)


Green-backed Tit photographed in Pradesh, India (Rashmi Deshpande)


Grey-Bellied Bulbul is found on the Malay Peninsula, Sumatra and Borneo. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical moist lowland forests. It is threatened by habitat loss. Photographed in Sabah, Malaysia (Noreen Chong)


Grey-headed Canary-flycatcher photographed in West Bengal, India (Nandita Bhattacharya)


The Lesser Adjutant is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae. Like other members of its genus, it has a bare neck and head. It is however more closely associated with wetland habitats where it is solitary and is less likely to scavenge than the related greater adjutant. Photographed in Uttar Pradesh, India (Arindam Saha)


The Lineated Barbet is an Asian barbet native to the Terai, the Brahmaputra basin to Southeast Asia. It is a frugivore and nests in holes of tree trunks. Photographed in Kharagpur, West Bengal, India (Gargi Biswas)


the Orange-bellied Flowerpecker is found in Bangladesh, Brunei, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand. photographed in Sabah Malaysia (Richard Chong)


The Pied Bush Chat is a small passerine bird found ranging from West Asia and Central Asia to the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia. About sixteen subspecies are recognized through its wide range with many island forms. Photographed in Chandu Budhera, Haryana India (Sumit-K-Sum)


The Plumbeous Water Redstart is a passerine bird in the Old World flycatcher family Muscicapidae. It is found in South Asia, Southeast Asia and China. Photographed at the Jim Corbet National Park, Uttarakhand, India (Arindam Saha)


Rhinoceros Hornbill photographed in Sabah, Malaysia (Noreen Chong)


The Spotted Owlet is a small owl which breeds in tropical Asia from mainland India to Southeast Asia. A common resident of open habitats including farmland and human habitation, it has adapted to living in cities. Photographed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India (Reitesh Khabia)


Streaked Spiderhunter photographed in Mahananda, India (Sinchan Ray)


Red-headed Bunting photographed in Kolkata, West Bengal, India (Grace Marian)


The White-crested Laughingthrush is a member of the family Leiothrichidae. It is a highly social and vocal bird found in forest and scrub from the Himalayan foothills to Southeast Asia. Photographed in Himachal, Pradesh, India (Lalit Arora)


the Tickells Thrush is common in open forest in the Himalayas, and migrates seasonally into peninsular India, Nepal and rarely to Bangladesh. Photographed in Sattal, Uttarakhand, India (Gargi Biswas)


The Verditer Flycatcher is an Old World flycatcher It is found from the Himalayas through Southeast Asia to Sumatra. Photographed in Sattal, Uttarakhand, India (Piyali Rakshit)


Verditer Flycatcher photographed at the Rajgarh Sirmaur Valley, Himachal Pradesh, India (Rajesh Mahajan)


Wood Sandpiper photographed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India (Reitesh Khabia)


The Yellow-bellied Prinia is a species of bird in the family Cisticolidae. It is found in Pakistan, the southern Himalayan foothills, the northeastern Indian subcontinent, and Southeast Asia. Photographed in Dankuni, Howrah, West Bengal, India (Piyali Rakshit)


Our mission is to build a global community around the freedom and beauty of birds in the wild as ambassadors for the natural ecosystems that they depend upon. They are the music, decoration, and character of every terrestrial habitat on the planet and have been around since the dinosaurs. They are the witnesses and ambassadors of the awesome power of nature. The wide availability of good, cheap optics has opened their world to us for the last few decades. Amazing, affordable DSLR cameras with long lenses are delivering brilliant digital bird imagery to online communities.

We are in a day-and-age during which more bird species are threatened with extinction than ever before. The Wild Birds! Revolution aims to publish the “Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week” to 1 million people every week by the end of the year. That is a revolution that will change the world! Join thousands of other weekend naturalists, photographers, birders, experts, hikers, nature-lovers, guides, scientists, conservationists and artists that share the thousands of wild bird photographs submitted to the Wild Bird Trust website and Facebook page. Thousands of wild bird enthusiasts are going out every day to photograph our planet’s beautiful birdlife. Pick up your camera, fill your bird feeder, open your heart, and join the Wild Birds! Revolution!!

Edited by Abigail Ramudzuli, Campaign Manager