Top 25 birds of the week: Raptors!

Thank you to all the photographers that submitted photos of birds with the theme #raptors. Your pictures can create awareness about the variety and beauty of birds in our environment. Here we present the Top 25 photographs of birds of the week.

White-tailed Kite photographed in Lake Casitas, CA, USA (John LeeWong)


White-rumped Pygmy Falcon photographed in Koh Ker, Cambodia (Richard Chong)


The Red-tailed Hawk photographed in Chicago, Illinois (Owen Deutsch)


The Buffy Fish Owl, also known as the Malay fish owl. Photographed in Perak, Malaysia (Chuan Bulat)


Steppe Eagle. Photographed in Tamil Nadu, India (Bhoobalakrishnan)


Spotted Owlet photographed in Durgapur, West Bengal, India (Aparna Mondal)


Shikra photographed in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India (Vikram Bahal)


Crested Serpent Eagle photographed at the Rajaji National Park in Uttarakhand, India (Sibananda Bhanja)


Red Kite photographed in Comunidad de Madrid (Zdenek Strycek)


The Peregrine Falcon photographed at the Sambhar Salt-lake, Rajasthan, India (Renu Kohli)


Osprey photographed in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India (Vikram Bahal)


Oriental Honey-buzzard photographed in Chairel, Kakching Dist, Manipur, India (Laishram Shamungou)


Indian Scops Owl photographed in Tamil Nadu, India (Bhoobalakrishnan)


Grey-headed Fish Eagle photographed in Tadoba, Maharashtra, India (Vidya Vijay Kulkarni)


The Eurasian Sparrowhawk photographed in New Delhi, India (Lalit Arora)


Eastern Marsh Harrier photographed in Malaysia (Saravanan Palanisamy)


Crested Goshawk photographed in Selangor, Malaysia (Richard Chong)


Creasted Hawk-eagle photographed in Tamil Nadu, India (Bhoobalakrishnan)


Common Kestrel photographed in Bangalore, India (Kondasamy Dhanapal)


Brahminy Kite photographed in Kerla, India (Rohit Hirway)


Black-winged Kite photographed in Somasagara, Karnataka, India (Mallikarjuna S)


Black Kite photographed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. Photographed by Reitesh Khabia


Barn Owl photographed in Bangalore, Karnataka, India (Mallikarjuna S)


Amur Falcon photographed in Maharashtra, India (Pradnya Paralkar)


Red-tailed Hawks are recognized by their trademark reddish-brown tail, though the rest of their plumage can be extremely variable. Photographed by Owen Deutsch


Our mission is to build a global community around the freedom and beauty of birds in the wild as ambassadors for the natural ecosystems that they depend upon. They are the music, decoration, and character of every terrestrial habitat on the planet and have been around since the dinosaurs. They are the witnesses and ambassadors of the awesome power of nature. The wide availability of good, cheap optics has opened their world to us for the last few decades. Amazing, affordable DSLR cameras with long lenses are delivering brilliant digital bird imagery to online communities.

We are in a day-and-age during which more bird species are threatened with extinction than ever before. The Wild Birds! Revolution aims to publish the “Top 25 Wild Bird Photographs of the Week” to 1 million people every week by the end of the year. That is a revolution that will change the world! Join thousands of other weekend naturalists, photographers, birders, experts, hikers, nature-lovers, guides, scientists, conservationists and artists that share the thousands of wild bird photographs submitted to the Wild Bird Trust website and Facebook page. Thousands of wild bird enthusiasts are going out every day to photograph our planet’s beautiful birdlife. Pick up your camera, fill your bird feeder, open your heart, and join the Wild Birds! Revolution!!

Edited by Abigail Ramudzuli, Campaign Manager